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Published: 27 Feb 2016
Updated: 27 Feb 2016
Universal ASIO driver which represents an ASIO-WDM bridge
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Independent low-latency ASIO driver for WDM (Windows Driver Model) audio devices. Utilizes access to device through Kernel Streaming or other more complex interfaces.

ASIO4ALL supports any WDM audio devices under operaing systems from Windows 98 to the latest Windows 10.

Note: ASIO4ALL is NOT a WDM driver, it doesn't replace any system files, it's just an ASIO-WDM bridge (adapter).

Using Kernel Streaming allows to get direct access to the sound card driver, passing by the Windows mixer (kmixer for XP or older and Windows Audio Service in Vista or later). It gives the following benefits:

  • passing by any software effects (introduced by kmixer or WASAPI) , including low-quality software resampling;
  • getting acces to hardware audio buffer (if supported by device);
  • ability to adjust latency;
  • ability of playing sound using multiple devices at the same time;
  • low-latency sound recodrding

Additionally driver supports latency compensation which allow to synchronize devices working with different clocks (in this case you have to set latency compensation to maximum).

Also ASIO4ALL includes it's own resampler which converts audio from 44.1 to 48 kHz, but in fairness it should be noted that it's quality isn't too high, so you should better use other high-precision resamplers such as SoX or SSRC in foobar2000.

ASIO4ALL is recommended for using in cases when sound card has not it's native ASIO 2.0 driver. It can be effectively used in sound editors, recordes — anywhere, when latency is crytical. In audio players ASIO4ALL can by an alternative to Kernel Streaming or WASAPI Exclusive output. The only one problem that can occure — there can be a conflict when you are using ASIO4ALL in different programms at the same time. Also note that ASIO4ALL mutes any other system sounds (playing with regular output).

In the archive below you will find detailed ASIO4ALL manual.

ASIO4ALL 2.13:
Detailed ASIO4ALL manual:
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